About our kittens

We love Fufi, Rua and Tesoro. They are not only our cats, but they are part of our family. They are a very special breed: Burmese.

I know that it might be a surprise for some people, but the love these creatures are able to give is boundless. They bring joy, fun, laughter every day in our lives and they aren’t asking much at all. It’s natural taking care of them as we take care of our children… and they are always there for us. 

They are loving, playful and clever companions for us and especially for Kevin who is 12. Fufi and Kevin have a very special bond. They play on the trampoline together, Kevin builds pillow castles for him and Fufi loves hiding… and sleeping in them. Fufi jumps regularly into our arms without using his claws at all… and looks at me in the eye and purrrrrrrs away. Rua is our princess and when she isn’t raising kittens she loves playing fetch with us. Her favourite fetching toy is a little stuffed black mouse! Tesoro is our stud (the dad), handsome, fearless and always ready to play with us and Fufi. They especially love playing in their colourful tube together!

Yes, they are  part of our family and it is our responsibility to be sure that their kittens are going to be loved, taken great care of and that they won’t be in danger in any way. 

All our kittens are born in a loving, calm and stress free environment… in the comfort of our bedroom. Their mum takes care of them and we assist her as best as we can with healthy food, fresh water and a lot of petting and company. She does such a great job as a mom! Our kittens grow in a family environment, they start playing and cuddle as soon as they open their eyes! Kittens are usually ready to go to a new home at the age of about 13 weeks, and are microchipped, and vaccinated. Although the Burmese breed has about 10 colours, our kittens are usually reds and torties but occasionally we have brown and cream. Our kittens are our babies, we love them very much and we only want the best homes for them.

Tesoro and Rua are both Burmese with very important pedigrees. Their parents, grandparents and great grandparents are champions and grand champions and not only in Europe . Therefore, all our kittens are registered with CGGFI (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Ireland) and have a very important pedigree. If you are looking for a loving, lovable and playful companion, you can’t go wrong with one of our Burmese cats. If you wish to enquire about them please WhatsApp or text on 087 9588375.