About us

Hi my name is Kevin, I am 12 years old and I live in Cork. We have Three beautiful Burmese cats named Fufi, Rua and Tesoro. Let me tell you all about them. Fufi is the oldest and my favourite. He is three years and a bit old. He is like a brother to me. He is cream coloured. We love snuggling up together in bed and on the couches, he is playful but doesn’t pester for attention, he is also the cleverest and he knows how to open doors by putting all his weight on the handle, he even learned to open the oven door because he knows the food comes from there and he knows how to do all sorts of cool things such as playing fetch with toy mice like a dog. Fufi is also neutered which doesn’t let his instinct drive him as much, so we think that let’s him think better. Rua is the second oldest and only a couple of weeks younger than Fufi, she is the princess of the house. She is a wonderful creamy red colour. She is the cutest of them all. She once fell into the bath and me and my dad had to dry her. She was very scared but she calmed down as we dried her. She has recently had kittens with Tesoro. Tesoro is the youngest, he is a year old. Although he is not a kitten he is very playful. He is a male and is Rua’s mate. He loves annoying the others and he tries to make Fufi join his games, Fufi is very patient with him, but they love playing together.

We mainly feed them home cooked meat but only partly cooked so it is very healthy and sometimes the best dry and wet food without grain. We love our cats and consider them part of the family. We have so many happy memories with them and feel that Burmese are the friendliest and most beautiful breed of cat.