First steps

Last week the kitten we call Combat took its first steps outside the cosy cat cave where they stay. At first she struggled to get over the rim of the opening but after several attempts and with a determination never seen before she managed! At first she couldn’t walk very well but she learned fast! Soon she was crawling on me and she is so cute, both of her sisters soon began following her example and soon we had three kittens occasionally going out for explorations. The fourth one has not gone out yet and is a bit of a mommy’s boy. They have briefly met our other cats Fufi and Tesoro and Fufi is a bit scared of them but he is a gentle sole and would never hurt a fly! Kevin

Pregnant Rua

At the end of this September we found out that Rua had become pregnant with Tesoro. We are overjoyed that our Rua is finally going to become a mum. She finally stopped going in heat and slowly her belly began expanding until she was almost twice her normal width and she got worse at jumping as well. She is even more affectionate than usual and she does not appreciate Tesoro’s attention as much. She eats fantastically, plenty of fresh meat, organic liver and hearts. Organic eggs (the yolk part) and cooked fish… her mammals are growing with delicious milk for her kittens! We are proud to say that we mostly feed her homecooked food and only ever very high end cat food. Kevin